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Now is the time to address your financial needs and goals.


You have worked hard to build wealth for the benefit of those you love the most. You understand the importance of taking control of your finances and protecting your assets, but the demands of your day-to-day life leave you with little time to manage your money.


Your Values and Goals Come First.

Financial Planning is not about your money, but about you.

It's about how you want you live your life and how your wealth can make the dreams you have for yourself, your family, and your community become a reality. It's about your values and your personal integrity.

Your Vision Becomes Our Mission.

Family Financial Strategies offers¹ two essential services² - Financial Planning Services and Investment Advisory Services.³

Take effective steps early to help grow, protect, and preserve your wealth.

Ask us how we may help.

Financial Planning Services

We customize our strategic planning process to serve your individual goals and needs, using the following comprehensive, flexible process:

  • Step One:  We listen.

    • You will start by telling us your dreams and aspirations, your attitudes and preferences, where you are now and where you ultimately want to be.

  • Step Two:  We learn.

    • We will analyze your financial and legal needs by creating a "two-dimensional x-ray" of your financial health based on our two perspectives.

  • Step Three:   We share.

    • We will discuss our findings with you and help you formalize, prioritize, and monetize your goals and objectives while establishing a time horizon and your risk tolerance.

  • Step Four:  We create.

    • We will recommend financial planning and legal strategies4 and match them with the appropriate financial instruments, risk management instruments, and legal documents.5

  • Step Five:   We follow through.

    • We will review your financial status and investment results at regular intervals to keep the focus on moving forward in a positive direction.

Investment Advisory Services

If you wish to implement your financial plan through Family Financial Strategies, we provide comprehensive investment advisory, asset management, insurance, and brokerage services. We will discuss different investment and risk management products,6 as well as implementation steps and timetables.

¹You are not obligated to use all of our services.

²For your protection a separate contract is signed for each service.

³Investment Advisory Services offered through Ameritas Investment Corp. (AIC). Member FINRA/SIPC.

4We cannot provide you with non-financial-planning-related legal advice. If you wish to have legal advice, you would need to consult with us separately. For your own protection, this would require you to sign a separate agreement.

5For financial planning purposes, not for legal advice.

6Separate fees will be charged for management of assets depending up implementation. For more information please see product disclosure documents.