Our Firm

Family Financial Strategies   is a strategic alliance formed by a financial planner and an attorney. We provide coordinated financial planning and wealth management services.



We offer:



  • A combined 60-plus years of experience giving legal and financial advice.
  • A powerful, two-tiered approach that offers you coordinated and comprehensive wealth management services.
  • A strategic planning process that integrates the goals you have for yourself, your family and your professional growth.




Understanding Your Needs and Goals.


By working together and combining our backgrounds - Legal and Financial - the members of the Family Financial Strategies alliance can come up with effective strategies for your financial planning needs.¹ At the same time, working together allows us to help save you time and money since our alliance eliminates duplicated efforts.




WE BELIEVE,  as we are sure you do, that each of us has at least some responsibility for those who depend upon us:  our spouses, our children, or our employees.  If nothing else, we feel we are responsible for making some conscious, deliberate decisions about their future, rather than leaving their future to chance and good luck.


We believe that every family should be able to afford to send their child to the college of his or her choice, that everybody deserves a comfortable and dignified retirement, and that a family business should stay in the family.


We believe that your children, not Uncle Sam, should inherit the lion's portion of your life's work, and that everyone can leave a lasting financial legacy because we believe that Your Life Story is a never-ending story.


We are in a personal responsibility and personal accountability business.


Call Family Financial Strategies today to learn more about how we can help you write the Life Story you want.




¹We can provide financial planning services to you as a group, and if you choose, you can contract with our separate company to serve your legal needs.